Sapthagen Forte is an authentic, safe and effective ayurvedic herbal formulation for correcting and preventing problems related to marital health like impotence, loss or decline of libido, premature ejaculation etc.

Sapthagen forte is made from more than 30 ayurvedic herbs well known for their Vajeekarana (rejuvenating and aphrodisiac) properties.

These nutrient-rich herbs are scientifically and harmoniously blended and processed as per the recommendations laid out in ancient classic books of Ayurveda like Charaka Samhita and Astanga hridayam. As a result of traditional blending and processing of multiple herbs of Ayurveda an extraordinary synergy is created and produces incredibly meritorious result.

The Concept of Sapthagen Forte

Ayurveda is divided into eight major disciplines. The eighth discipline is called Vajeekarana (The science of Andrology in ayurveda). This is a branch of ayurveda which deals with reproductive medicine and marital health. The science of Vajeekarana extensively covers all aspects of reproductive medicine and marital health including the philosophy, causes, treatment protocols, wide range of herbal formulations related to all types of diseases affecting reproductive organs like infertility and marital disorders. The purpose of Vajeekarana is to ensure healthy progeny and maintaining a high level of marital fitness and the treatment of diseases related to marital health. Ayurveda opines marital health is an important aspect and a decisive factor for a healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy personality. Sapthagen forte is a unique product created on the basis of this philosophy.

Importance of Vajeekarana

“Vajeekaranamanvicheth purusho nityamathmanam”

“Vajeekaranamanvicheth Sathatham Vishayee Puman”

- Charaka Samhitha

“Yat sadya: Sampraharshanam.”

“Dehasyoujaskaram param”

- Astanga Hridayam

The above said verse is from the ancient ayurveda classic called Charaka Samhitha and Astanga Hridayam. The purport of the verses is given below.

Every man should religiously take Vajeekarana medicines everyday. Daily use of Vajeekarana medicines will ensure great vitality, incredible health, youthful vigor, peak marital health and enable the body to enjoy the pleasures of life for a long time. Regular use of Vajeekarana medicines will keep sukra dhathu at the most optimum level and prevents its decline even at old age.

Sapthagen Forte is an excellent Vajeekarana medicine prepared according to the tradition of Charaka samhitha and Ashtanga hridayam.