Sapthagen Forte is an 100% ayurvedic  supplement to address the Dhatu imbalances in the body. It is formulated in such a form to address the deficiency in the all the seven Dhatus, one after another, with a specific focus on Sukra Dhatu, which is responsible for building up the manliness in  a man and provides best sexual health, enabling him  to get best performance in physical relationship.

Sapthagen Forte  being an Ayurvedic product ,  has no ill side effects and hence very safe for using it as a supplement. This product though being formulated to address the Sukra Dhatu deficiency, it works on all other dhatus also, thus, bringing in an overall health improvement. This effectively works on the other dhatus and brings them to the best levels. The process, in the bargain, makes one to actually go back to their youthful days and enables them to perform best sexually, as they would have been capable while they were at their 30s. Sapthagen is to be taken for life time, with marginally higher dose in the beginning and at a maintenance dosage level of 15 to 20 grams per day, for life. Continuous usage of this not only ensures very good sexual health but also gears up a man in general health , turning them to their youthful days, internally.

Men of any age is advised to take Aphrodisiac supplement, by Ayurveda, to maintain the best sexual health. Any man of any age , especially when they are crossing 40 years, could supplement his Dhatu deficiencies, (caused by ageing and degeneration)  by taking this formulation for life. At a marginal cost of around Rs.3000/- per month, he could effectively overcome any deficiency in sexual health and get to do the best performance physically, even at the age of 70 plus, provided the supplement is taken continuosly.

Sapthagen Forte is a licensed product and every batch is tested at Ayush Laboratory to ensure safety and quality norms. This being 100% Ayurvedic, no metals or steroids are used in this product and manufactured at a GMP certified facility at a factory of  decades old manufacturing producing  leading ayurvedic products at Trivandrum, Kerala.

With all the features of being the best formulation, using the concept and addressing the Aphrodisiac issue from the basic levels of building all the dhatus together with a specific focus on Sukra Dhatu, Sapthagen Forte provides a strong, basic and permanent solution to the issue. Sapthagen Forte is not a stimulant but a natural, ayurvedic supplement that provides gradual cure to such deficiencies. A stimulant, on the other hand only works initially for a while as it does not address the basic health building concept and hence its purely temporary in its capacity.

Hence Sapthagen Forte is recommended for men of all ages to maintain their overall health with a specific focus on Sukra health, which provides vital energy, youthful vigour and peak sexual health, on a permanent mode, by eliminating all the negates of ageing, degeneration, as one crosses  years  in life.